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AWS WordPress Web Hosting (Lightsail)

AWS Service: Lightsail

Cost: $3.50 per month

About Lightsail
Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way to get started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) if you just need instances (virtual private servers). Lightsail includes everything you need to launch your project quickly—instances, managed databases, SSD-based storage, backups (snapshots), data transfer, domain DNS management, static IPs, and load balancers—for a low, predictable price.

This tutorial shows you how to launch and configure a WordPress instance on Lightsail. It includes steps to connect to your instance by using SSH, sign in to your WordPress website, create a static IP and attaching it to your instance, and create a DNS zone and mapping your domain. When you’re done with this tutorial, you have the fundamentals to get your instance up and running on Lightsail.

Tutorial: Launch and configure a WordPress instance in Amazon Lightsail

Allow time for the change to propagate through the internet’s DNS. This may take a few minutes to several hours.


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