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Moving from Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zone to Lightsail DNS Zone to Manage Domain’s DNS Records

In LAB: AWS Domain Registration & Web Hosting, I used Route 53 to manage my domain’s DNS records. Due to cost associated with Route 53 hosted zone services, I have decided to utilize Lightsail DNS zone included in the monthly plan.

Route 53 Hosted Zone Pricing

  • $0.50 per hosted zone / month for the first 25 hosted zones
  • $0.10 per hosted zone / month for additional hosted zones

Lightsail DNS Management Pricing

  • DNS management is free within Lightsail
  • You can create up to 3 DNS zones and as many records as you want for each DNS zone
  • You also get a monthly allowance of 3 million DNS queries per month to your zones. Beyond your first 3 million queries in a month, you are charged $0.40 USD/million DNS queries.


Note: By default, DNS resolvers typically cache the names of name servers for two days. As a result, your changes can take two days to take effect. 


Using the Route 53 console to delete a public hosted zone

Important: If web traffic is currently being routed to your domain, make sure that all of the existing DNS records are present in the Lightsail DNS zone before changing the name servers at your domain’s current DNS hosting provider. This way, traffic continually flows uninterrupted after the transfer to the Lightsail DNS zone.

One thought on “Moving from Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zone to Lightsail DNS Zone to Manage Domain’s DNS Records

  1. Hi Derrick, do you know if the Lightsail DNS automagically sets up a private zone so you can use domain names between instances in the same region? Or is this only available in Route53?

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