$20 monthly member dues* to cover operating expenses of hosting labs on AWS and Azure. Lab Admins will be responsible for estimating lab budget into the “Hopper.” Accurate forecast of project budget is a necessity during the planning phase.

*Membership due on 1st of each month through PayPal. Month-to-month membership with no obligation to renew.


Active DirectoryDomain Admin
AzureGlobal Admin


  • Members can add interested projects for scheduling in “Hopper.”
  • Lab Admin is responsible to complete all columns in “Hopper.”
  • Lab Admin will determine available member signup slots within the “Lab Team” column based on scope of work.
  • Members can signup for lab within “Lab Team” column based on their interest and availability.
  • Labs can kickoff once Lab Team has been established with unanimous consent.


All labs to be documented utilizing following Template.


Members can and should request demo of a completed lab, especially if they did not participate in the lab. Demos provide insights into the development phases of the lab while showcasing Lab Team’s accomplishments.